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DFC Winners!

There were four people who completed all 31 pieces for the 2014 DFC and thus I have decided to feature 4 of their favourite pieces in this custom box.

1. LaBruyere

Fleeing RedI run red lights without regret.
The road: a winding, dark roulette
And night sky falls on upraised arms.
Here I am, remotest stars,
And ends of earth is where you are.
I'm smothered in ten thousand charms.
The rushing wind hides warning; I
Will risk a glance and battle cry.
The road ends suddenly. Disarmed.
Hail FireOh fire, thou art destructive to thy core;
An elemental force reducing all
To elements original. Before
Thy blazing path must all who touch thee fall.
And yet thy flames do carry me and stir
A hope for dawn, a comfort for tonight,
Engulfed in spreading heat from head to toe.
Thou rest content behind thy grate, good sir;
A mighty force contained to shed thy light,
And grant thy gentle warmth as friend, not foe.

T.S. EliotI remain cold and wooden, blank and dull in the face of giants
And the crashing of planets, it stirs not a chill on my spine.
How long must storms rage, and the universe tremble before I live?
Forced to look on you,
I disturb the universe
With my pen at last.
HereafterI find such comfort in the way you see
Into the future, past and present now,
Here all at once, and still you let me be
As if you trust my strength. I will allow
That when I turned to you I made a vow
To give you all I am: my past, my all.
So here I stand on thresholds, feeling small
But ready at your mark to bypass fear
To take each day by storm, whate'er befall,
And make you everything this coming year.

2. Parsat

Ode to KoiA murky canvas stained with blue and green
Would hardly seem a medium for color,
Much less the glossy and metallic sheen
That brushstrokes of your motion painted fuller.
No haze of bending light nor algal murk
Could keep your white from pale, or red from crimson,
Your black from ink, or blue from azure sky;
Against the lilypads your colors perk
Up scenes of peace and quiet inner vision,
To see the charm a hue can underlie.
IndebtedWhen memories slide down my face in tears,
And faint realities might slowly seep
From mindwells I had never guessed were deep
And bottomless, I find I'm in arrears.
Your kindness shown was kindness stood alone,
And now you've flown, and live in distant spheres.
My eyes are closed, I'm drifting off to sleep
As memories slide down my face in tears.

TimestreamAre we cosmic brothers
in starlit seas afloat?
Destiny's grip smothers
another outcome's throat,
and leaves one survivor
without a pause to gloat
at the broken striver.
For all our thwarted dreams
(like a shallow diver)
a single hope now gleams:
Redemption might be real
in time, as joining streams
from other springs ideal
run their raging courses
and roar their great appeal.
From deceptively random sources
the riverbed is fixed by forces.
FallenWe fell, and there was none to pick us up,
Divided in the darkness, eyes obscured,
We thought this loneliness was but the cup
To drink alone and merely be endured.
         We fell without a friend to pick us up
         And ached for healing, that we could be cured.
She fell, and there was none to stand upon
When seared her conscience was, and bound in chains,
And I fell too, my strength completely gone,
For I could weep no more, nor soothe my pains.
         She fell, and fresh new battle lines were drawn,
         For loss had bloomed where once was glorious gains.
I fell, and though light shone I walked in shade,
My soul revolting at the thought of food.
With nowhere left to go, what kind of aid
Could I expect? What solace to conclude?
         I fell as hard as desperately I prayed
         For evil to be overcome by good.
You fell,

3. MagicalJoey

Popcorn pops
Kernels that get stuck ‘tween
Holey teeth with too much wisdom to
Grant, too little wisdom not to eat such sweet things,
And too far gone to even care enough.
It’s homemade, this treat. The
Popcorn sticks.
Ode to JamesOde to James
My darling boy, your momma says hello
And wonders if you do remember me.
My angel boy, ‘twas not my time to go
Though I tried to join you on your journey.
My little lad, you’re missed and you were loved,
And loved you still are though you’re far from here.
I see your face in children on the street,
And wonder why the loving God above
Chose that specific time to draw you near,
And leaving me a great wait ‘til we meet.
I dedicate this poem to you my boy,
For as of late you’ve been upon my heart.
I’ve got no doubt you are a little joy
Up there in Heaven, where we are apart.
I’m sorry for the person who I chose
To be your dad, for soon before he left
He chose to have you not there in his plans.
Forget him, my love for you daily grows
As being without you leaves me bereft
And longing just to hold your little hand.
I think of you throughout the brightest day,
I think of you throughout the darkest night.
Oh God why d

Faith Like MineFaith Like Mine
I am Your Caterfly, that’s me,
Taking up space, sharing glory.
Blind and wishing that I could see
Ways out of these chains, to be free.
Forgiven, yes, but what comes now?
I’m full of where’s and why’s and how’s.
I am Your Caterfly, that’s true,
Stumbling in faith, worshipping you.
Stuck and not knowing what to do;
My faith receded and doubt grew.
I play at Church each Sunday night
But when I’m home I cannot fight.
I am Your Catterfly, You know
Me inside and out, in Your glow
I’m supposed to live, to love, to go
Outside into the fields and grow
Disciples with a faith like iron,
But their faith comes out more like mine.
Battle of the BardBattle of the Bard
Come pick up your sword, your shield and your lance
And prepare to fight for yourself this day.
Take action, prepare, for now is your chance
To beat this foul monster in their own way.
And when he is beaten, we all will say...
...Praises, praises to the master of pen
And paper, Oh Yes, so Shall It Be Then.
All it takes is just but one single word
To get out, to get out, to live in me,
And then this word, being heard, being heard
For the first time, and all ears open wide
And the message of song whispers inside.
Call it a curse or call it what you must,
But it’s in my penned sword that you need trust.
Put trust in the ink that bleeds on the page,
As they put trust in ink that bleeds on theirs.
In this Bardic Battle I’ve come of age
In this Bard’s duel it’s said that I will fare
Better than those who will not their soul bare.
Only by putting your heart into verse
Can you win prizes and coins for your purse.


4. tanafeyroyale

EponinePoor rose
Lost and alone
Life chose
Love lost
He’s out of reach
What cost
It’s death
Your life for his
Last breath

A Writer's WorkA writer’s work is never done
It’s a battle that is hard won
And through it can be truly fun
There are times we just want to run
But we always come back again
Because writing is our best friend
Pen to paper computers too
Makes no difference what we do
As long our intent gets through
On the pages that get to you
All of those books on the store shelves
Is the reflection of ourselves
That is why we write all day long
Be it poems, novels or songs
Cause there is no right or no wrong
Whether it’s King Lear or King Kong
Dickenson or Shelley, or Keats
Their works are quoted on the street
The Guilty VampireThe lone vampire hunts in the night
Craving the woman he will bite
A woman that does not know fear
Or that death is wandering so near
She keeps walking on, not knowing things are so dire
Or that she is in the sights of the lone vampire
He will take her and make her his
Cruel perhaps, but that’s how it is
He’ll take her life with his dark kiss
And she will give into the bliss
He craves human blood, the taste is like sweet liquor
And once she falls into his trap he will take her
One more lost life that he’s taken
He wonders why no one’s staked him
For the list of crimes on his head
The countless masses he’s made bled
Sometimes the guilt cuts deep, like the blade of a knife
He holds the woman’s body close, one more lost life

Well done to the four of you. Beautiful writing and perseverance.

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MMM 2009 Contest Stamp by MistRaven MMM 2009 Contest Stamp by MistRaven MMM 2009 Contest Stamp by MistRaven

Welcome back to another round of May Mixup Madness (MMM). I am your host, kiwi-damnation and I hope you've all had a great 2015 so far. This month will hopefully bring a lot of fun and awesome your way. AAA went pretty well with some great entries :). Well done to those who participated. I meant to put this up earlier but life gets in the way at times. Let's get ready to kick ass with May Mixup Madness. Who's with me?



May Mixup Madness follows a similar structure to the cento poetic form in that you choose ONE musician or poet and use lines from various pieces of theirs. You can't use more than one line from each piece so if you're creating an 8 line, 2 stanza poem, you will need 8 different songs or poems to draw from. Once you have your musician/band/poet and your chosen lines, all you have to do is stitch them together to create something new and amazing!

Choose it, Find it, Stitch it!

1.Choose ONE poet/musician.
2.Find ONE line per piece of their work from as many pieces as you like.
3.Stitch it together!


:bulletblue: Please note us with your pieces so we can collect them in this folder.
:bulletblue: In your artist's comments, please link this blog and mention the artist you used and the songs/pieces in order.
:bulletblue: Have an incredible time creating something totally different.


Twenty-FiveYou’re something that never should have happened.
Didn’t we meet in the night in my sleep somewhere?
When you sleep and you dream and there’s no-one there,
You don’t wanna know what’s running through my mind…
No more Mr. Nice Guy!
And I know trouble is brewin’ out there,
Your own private pain.
My sins cut deeper than the teeth on a saw
(Don’t tell your preacher) –
I’m so scared your little head will come off in my hands:
Your kingdom’s like your body; it dies and goes to hell.
I’ve got a never-ending battle inside
And I’m trapped inside a night without a day.
(sometimes, I just… can’t… die…)
But we’ll make it through our blackest hour
In a bad place alone;
You’ll still be waiting in refrigerator heaven,
Always chewing nails; it never, ever fails,
But it’s just a joke now.
I kiss the tears off from your chest,
So dead upon the bed, still searching for your head
And your carnival of
Trapped in the MemoryI want to be in another place,
It doesn't matter how hard I try,
I don't know what's worth fighting for,
It's all too much to take in,
My walls are closing in.
Sometimes I need to remember just to breathe…
Something has been taken from deep inside of me,
I can't feel the way I did before,
It’s like nothing I can do can distract me,
The darkness holding me tightly,
All I ever think about is this.
There's no escape…
Life’s harder everyday,
Feel it in your chest,
Making your heart stop,
I can not explain to you anything I say or do,
All I've got is what you didn't take.
You wouldn't even recognize me anymore…
I'm strong on the surface,
And now you think this person really is me,
Uphill struggle, blood, sweat and tears,
Replaced freedom with fear,
I've become so numb, I can't feel you there.
I cannot take this anymore…
It's like a whirlwind inside of my head,
The pace is too fast,
The sacrifice of hiding in a lie,
I want to run away, never say good bye,

This challenge runs from May 1st 12am GMT to June 1st GMT.  I look forward to seeing your entries.

So consult your iPods or your poetry collections and find your muse. It's about to get awesome up in here.

MMM 2009 Contest Stamp by MistRaven MMM 2009 Contest Stamp by MistRaven MMM 2009 Contest Stamp by MistRaven

[ I know that this stamp says 2009 but who cares? MistRaven is the shiznit ]
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