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Results of MMM

Hello everyone. I apologise for my absence. Work and my computer breaking and a lot of laziness and disenchantment has let me neglect this competition and its winners.

Though there weren't many entries, you all did very well. I had a lot of trouble working my way through but thankfully I judge with a points system and therefore I can't become biased.

First place goes to Blacksand459 for "The Winter Fountains Gush For Thee" . The Winter Fountains Gush For TheeWalk the dark hemisphere till she retires
While glow the heavens with the last steps of day.
My thoughts go up the long dim path of years,
When not a shade of pain or ill,
Like the far roar of rivers,
Thy dark unfathomed wells below,
Of wintry storms, the sullen threat...
Meet in its depths no lovelier ones than ours.
It was for one--oh, only one!
Woo her, when autumnal dyes
Yet tell, in grandeur of decay
The eternal years of God are hers.
And childhood's purity and grace,
Are the folds of thy own young heart
Thy eyes are springs, in whose serene
Cool shades and dews are round my way,
Like one that loves thee nor will let thee pass,
A look of glad and innocent beauty wore.
"When the firmament quivers with daylight's young beam
I'll sing in his delighted ear!
Where, deep in silence and in moss,
Where secret tears have left their trace,
I turn, those gentle eyes to seek."

I turned to thee, for thou wert near;
How thought and feeling flowed like light!
Thy little heart will soon be

This was elegantly crafted and it didn't feel like it was pieced together at all. In fact, it felt like it was composed solely by Stan himself. I commend him on his fine use of language and the emotion it evoked. It was an incredibly original piece, despite it having been pieced together from the words of William Cullen Bryant.

Second place goes to DrippingWords for "a monster's romantics". a monster's romanticsI got a nervous habit and I drink too much.
Can you tell I haven’t slept very well since the last time
that we spoke? “We’re killing time just a little bit faster.”
The words come with a new kind of sadness.
If it looks like Armageddon’s coming down today,
please don’t tell me that I’m dreaming; I can’t tell
if he’s real or a made-up version of her again. And
the hardest part of living is just taking breaths to stay.

This was an interesting piece that I reread a few times. I found new facets each and every time and I found it hard to stop reading it. Thanks for a wonderful piece of work, Caitlin.

Third place was a hard one to decide. Both remaining entries had different strengths and weaknesses. Dorkmaestro 's piece "Contemporary Christian Rock" had strength, passion and flow but I felt like it lacked a good conclusion. I was left wanting more. Perhaps that was the point? hopeburnsblue 's piece "New Love" New LoveIn the sea of lovers without ships,
I can't decide if I'll let you save my life or if I'll drown,
But I must learn trust.
was short and succinct and it had a wistful beauty about it. Its point was clear but it felt like while it was talking about trust and letting yourself be vulnerable, there wasn't a lot of that vulnerability in the piece. I realise these are Christina Perri's words and not yours, but it felt a little hollow.

Their scores were tied and so it is up to my own judgment for the third place winner. I give it to Dorkmaestro as while it felt unfinished, her piece evoked more. Thanks hopeburnsblue for showing us the beauty of subtle vulnerability.

I will give all their prizes in a few days. I am waiting on my pay.

Thanks everyone.

Kiwi out.

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Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate

Send a Sonnet September is an idea I have been thinking about for a while. Why do we have to have days like Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving (for you 'Mericans) where we save our celebrations for the people that we care about and not just give them love every day? Why do we need a certain day or occasion to say that you love someone? I don't get it and I feel that this challenge can help to bridge that thinking. So here we go.

Send a Sonnet September is a form challenge that focuses on other people. You get to choose a style of sonnet and send it/direct it towards someone that you like/care about/love/admire or just someone that you believe deserves some love.

The rules are simple.

:bulletred: Choose a sonnet and note us with your deviation.
:bulletred: Make sure that you link this journal in your artist's comments and also mention the person you are directing it to and the sonnet type.
:bulletred: Have a wonderful time creating for the pure joy of giving.

Shakespearean Sonnet

The style created by William Shakespeare, this is the most commonly written and known of all sonnet styles. It features 3 quatrains and a couplet with the rhyme scheme abab/cdcd/efef/gg respectively. This is done in iambic pentameter.

Sonnet: Angels ForgetMoonbeam silhouettes fall across the ground
as the wind begins its lone lullaby
and handfuls of leaves scatter all around
while beneath the clouds, she begins to cry.
She crawls on her knees, skin scraped and red-raw
with branches and bugs caught up in her hair;
high overhead, a crow lets loose a caw
and she wishes her protection was there.
She has blood on her hands, tears in her eyes,
and an ache in her chest she can't heal,
and she screams at the sky, "I'm sick of your lies!
I want to find the safety I can feel."

But as her tears fall, she knows she was wrong;
sometimes, even angels forget to hold on.

Spenserian Sonnet

This sonnet was created and named after the English poet Edmund Spenser. It features 14 lines also but the rhyme scheme is different. It is ababbcbccdcdee or abab/bcbc/cdcd/ee. This form strictly adheres to the use of iambic pentameter.

Sonnet 1I never did think the sun that shone bright
would set so soon over that distant land;
he was once there showering me with light
and always lent to me a helping hand.
My riant, dreamless life now turned to sand,
I ne’er thought there could be some other way
I would be able to forever band
with another man in a distant day.
Yet I know this as not truth ‘cause I say
my eyes have been turned towards the cold sky,
where the sun did travel every day,
and they now behold a desired tie;
feast your eyes upon the beautiful moon
whose cool radiance is a lovely boon.

Petrarchan Sonnet

This is commonly known as the Italian sonnet and it employs a similar structural technique as the sedoka does in Japanese poetry in that it has two separate parts: A problem or proposition and a resolution or answer. The first half or octave is two quatrains with the rhyme scheme abab/abab and the resolution is a sestet or two tercets  which can be cde/cde or cdc/cdc or even cdc/dcd. This one is strictly iambic pentameter.

sonnet confessionalnear four decades past, when i was a boy,
i began to hear muse's siren song.
though into the word sea i plunged head-long,
strange fish swam there which i strove to avoid;
fam'lies and orders of classical styles,
each rigid and gaunt in its carapace,
offered challenges i refused to face.
shut of them, i blazed my trail through the wild.
my grim refusals have mellowed with time,
though about writing i am still manic.
when both meter and rhyme are drawn in fine,
the process for me is still galvanic;
even when the structure is crystalline,
to me poetry remains organic.

:new: Bilbian Sonnet :new:

This new sonnet form was created by our very own deinktvis. His tutorial is below.

bilbian sonnet tutorialthe bilbian (my last name is bilbee... what else would i call it?) sonnet came about on my bike ride home last night. i had the first and last line of the first stanza of the example below in my head and realized they were in iambic pentameter and that got the ball rolling...sorry, guys.
the rundown:
first off, it IS in iambic pentameter with a total of 14 lines... but that is the easy part.
the first and last lines of the first stanza have 2 seperate rhymes in common: one at the fifth syllable and one at the tenth. not only that, they should not so much refrain as echo one another.
a similar echo effect should appear in the third and sixth lines of the first stanza.
the last line of the second stanza is constructed by refraining the first five syllables of the first line in the first stanza and the last five syllables from the last line in the first stanza.
there should also be a haibun-type relationship between the stanzas, with the second expanding or extrapolating on the theme

And his example is here:

sharadigm piftyes it grows colder, but it's not yet cold.
not just the season, but the climate shifts
through cycles, decades and ages untold.
most of time's hands move at scales we can't see,
but great and small speak through corollary;
my cycles, decades and stages unfold.
i see my impairments, i see my gifts;
yes i grow older, but i'm not yet old.
the world's a mess, though our fortune's not sold;
we may still outlive the death of our sun.
our final telling needn't be tragic;
the highest science seems like it's magic.
our race is not over, it's just begun;
yes it grows colder, but i'm not yet old.

Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate

Beautiful stamp made by the a beautiful soul: IrrevocableFate
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