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DFC 2015 FAQs

1. What is DFC?

DFC is a poetic form challenge called the December Form Challenge that runs annually for the entirety of December. It features one poetic form for each day of December. They are weird and difficult and fun.

2. What is DFC going to involve this year and how do I know what forms to use?

The key to DFC is the form chart, a pdf document made about a week before the challenge starts. It maps out what forms are being featured and gives an explanation and example of each so that you can easily write your pieces. The form chart for this year is in the thumbnail below.

DFC Form Chart 2015 by kiwi-damnation

3. I can see it has world regions. Do I choose which one to write and can I use one more than once?

This year is about world regions, with 5 major regions with 6 forms each and a wild card with 1. That totals 31. When a day is allocated to a region, for example "The Middle East", you can choose from the 6 presented. Once you have used that form though, you can't use it again.

4. Where do I upload my pieces and how to I participate as part of the group?

Submit your pieces as normal, but also submit them to our DFC 2015 Gallery Folder. There we will collect your pieces to showcase and to feature for future years of challenges.

5. Can I do DFC outside of December?

Yep. Use it as a resource for inspiration. Our challenge parameters and any prizes allocated in December don't apply but it still serves as something healthy to do.

6. So it starts on the 1st?

12am GMT Dec 1st to the same time Jan 1st.

Drop it like it's hot, guys. Drop it like it's hot.

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Hello everyone, kiwi here :). Just enlightening you all on what is coming up for this month. As you may be aware, we did some cross-promotion for February Sonnet Challenge by Parsat and the Community Contest by copper9lives. These are fantastic events and I do ask you to consider participating in both. If it was a little ambiguous that they weren't DFC events, I don't blame you, so I am clearing that up.

Oh and this is my first time using gifs so I chose an amazing show. If you don't know it, I pity your soul.

With that said, I want to introduce you to February Form Fiesta for 2016! It's gonna be epic!

FFF by copper9lives (stamp by copper9lives) February Form Fiesta started in 2009 after the first DFC Challenge, as a way for those who missed out on DFC to test themselves and those who did DFC to feed their fixed form addiction...

...attracting more and more interesting folk into the fold as the years go by....

Every year FFF features 5 forms, each a separate contest from each other. Each form's entries are judged and the top 3 entries in each form is determined. As yet prizes have not been ascertained but I can assure you, they will be great.

FFF by copper9lives   FFF by copper9lives   FFF by copper9lives      

:squee: FFF 2016 runs from 12am GMT Feb 1st til 12am GMT March 1st.

:squee: All entries can be submitted directly to the FFF 2016 folder or noted to either ProjectDFC, kiwi-damnation or MagicalJoey.

:squee: Limit of one entry per form, but you can enter one in each form if you so desire.

:squee: Challenge yourself and most importantly, have fun :).

FFF by copper9lives   FFF by copper9lives    FFF by copper9lives

Our five forms for 2016 are:

:eager: The Licentia
:eager: The Parallelismus Membrorum
:eager: Ch'i-Yen-Shih Metre
:eager: The Dinggedicht
:eager: The Chatuschka

FFF by copper9lives   FFF by copper9lives   FFF by copper9lives

The Licentia  

The Licentia form was created by Laura LaMarca. It consists of a minimum of 3 stanzas, each 12 lines long. There are 11 syllables per line. There are also refrains interlaced into each stanza (the capital letters).

The rhyme scheme is as follows:

A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2,d,d,e,e,A1,A2 | B1,B2,f,f,g,g,h,h,i,i,A1,A2 | C1,C2,j,j,k,k,l,l,m,m,A1,A2 |

betwixtthepages created a beautiful example with her piece Repeating Seasons (DFC 2014).

Repeating Seasons (DFC 2014)Far in the Atlantic where nobody goes
among harsh churning waves, a white oak tree grows.
Ten months of the year, the oak's weathered roots sleep--
branches hanging barren, no secrets to keep.
With the month's closing, the dark storm clouds depart;
a fire bird rises, the tree's beating heart.
With burning wings spread, she welcomes a new day
and singing a mourning keeps demons at bay.
High overhead, feathers ruffled by the wind,
phoenix clears her throat and finds strength to begin.
"Far in the Atlantic where nobody goes,
among harsh churning waves, a white oak tree grows.
Ten months of the year, the oak's weathered roots sleep--
branches hanging barren, no secrets to keep
until I return and set the sky aflame.
Your roots are my prison, your branches my chains."
She takes a deep breath, her beak heavy with words.
Wonders why she can't leave.  "I miss other birds
but the sea is too cold and I can not swim.
I drown in the waves...and end up here again!"
With closed eyes, she imagine

The Parallelismus Membrorum  

Parallelismus Membrorum is a Hebrew form which centres around contradictions. Each line contradicts/ is opposite of another in couplets. Each line contains only 3 or 4 words.

kiwi-damnation 's piece DFC 3: The Plague helps illustrate the duality of this form.

DFC 3: The PlagueYou are the plague,
That soothes every wound,
So raw and off-key,
Sweet and fine-tuned,
Nobody knows you,
I see your soul,
The timid young rabbit,
The lion so bold,
Nary a whisper,
Carries my scream!
As heavens lie silent,
Hailing; they teem,
Forget all you’ve seen,
But remember me most,
A vibrant bright entity,
A pale shattered ghost,
Joyfully dancing we,
Stare at the sound,
Lost in the darkness,
In light all around,
Where people breathe fire,
I’m encased in ice,
Each moment disgusts me,
I’m fully enticed.
No words are muttered,
They’re chanting our song,
Pulses have quickened,
Dead all along.
You are my plague,
You soothe every wound,
Free and in love,
In hatred entombed.


Ch'i-Yen-Shih Metre

Ch’i-Yen-Shih metre is a Chinese form featuring quatrains with 7 syllables per line and a break after the fourth syllable in each line. The rhyme scheme is abcb with no set limit to how many stanzas can be written. For a more authentic piece, stick to one syllable words throughout. The following example has the break highlighted but you can have complete lines without off-setting them like this.

I have two examples for this piece, as I found two brilliant pieces that show different ways to approach this.

HuntingForHappiness ' and MadPrinceFeanor 's

The MartyrsA fire broke out
              on the docks;
the night lit up
              in starved flames.
Four men fed them,
              one by one.
The town knew not
              those men's names.
        DFC 2015 Day 15: PhantasmagoriaBird girl knows that
         she can fly.
She spreads her arms
         free and wide--
the surf down low,
         the sky up;
toes at cliff's edge,
         set to glide.
He takes her wrists,
         holds her back.
He speaks to her,
         a soft plea.
His words are wind
         on her back.
She steps. She falls
         in the sea.

The Dinggedicht

The Dinggedicht (Object Poem) is an observational form founded in Austria by Rainer Maria Rilke during the Impressionist art era. It is therefore, very similar in its essence to the Japanese senryu. There is no set syllabic count or rhyme scheme, merely that it be framed around acute observations of the world and exploring ideas, attitudes, events or societal conditions. This can include nature’s wonders.

MagicalJoey 's stunning piece DFC #13 - How Do You View Her World? is our example for this.

DFC #13 - How Do You View Her World?How Do You View Her World?
Black clouds bloom like mushrooms
In a fairy ring around her mind;
Look in and you may get lost
In a depression so deep it’s quicksand.
And the people laugh away her descriptions of her malaise
As if she’s exaggerating,
Never knowing that hurts more than she will ever tell,
And that it leaves her forevermore

The Chatuschka

The Chatuschka is a traditional Russian form that features a single quatrain in trochaic tetrameter with an abab or abcb rhyme scheme. They are usually satirical or ironic in nature and are often put to music.

Regrets by SedahLiah encapsulates the Chatuschka form nicely.

RegretsBags of bones and blood and tougher
Things wound up by loving mother,
Not unique and born to suffer;
I just wish I'd found another.

So that is February Form Fiesta 2016. I hope you've liked our presentation :). I hope to see your kickass entries in the coming month.

Peace out,


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